R&D Center
Technological Process

  Dimension And Appearance Inspection Automatio

Possessing professional R&D team of automation, the company devotes itself to researching and manufacturing automatic detection equipment, so as to improve efficiency and quality.

Optical Inspection Machine

 Magnetic Moment And Surface Magnetism Automatic Detection

NBPM has 2 advantages in terms of this point:

1. The magnetic moment detector researched and developed by ourselves could realize 100% automatic complete inspection, reduce personal error, and sort out the qualified and overproof products. The fluctuation of single batch could be controlled at +/-1%. Zero-defect is realized before shipment.

2. Jointly developed by our company and manufacturer. It is suitable for multi-pole magnetization and precise detection of single magnetic steel; it also could realize the waveform detection of surface magnetic field to the rotor posted with magnetic steel. The accuracy doubles than that of manual gauss meter.

Automatic Robotic Arm

 Irreversible losses- automatic Stop Drying Oven Time

NBPM has 3 advantages in terms of this point:

1. Computes PC value, selects or customizes optimal mark in accordance with customers’ specification and operating temperature, assists customers in reducing cost.

2. The picture below (on the left) is the dying oven tailor-made for magnetic steel in Japan’s ESPEC. The fluctuation in temperature zone is +/-1℃, the highest temperature matched with magnetic steel reaches to 200℃, and the test duration could be auto-off by timing.

3. There are miscellaneous goods for some automobile discharged automatically on site with our independent R&D equipment. The equipment is 100% magnetism stabilized. Welcome to visit our company.

Automatic Production Equipment

  Magnetic Declination Homogeneity Of Magnetic Field—precise Detection Of Autorotation

NBPM has 3 advantages in terms of this point:

1. State of the art Matsy automatic magnetic declination detecting instrument (right picture) from Germany, could realize 100% complete detection and zero defect before shipment.

2. Could conduct analysis to the detection data (picture below), find rules ahead of controlling molding and sintering stage.3.

3.Could research and develop equipment in accordance with customers’ assembly characteristics, such as sensor, analogue simulation, conduct control the homogeneity of the magnetic steel and N/S-pole fluctuation. Welcome to visit our company.

Automatic Magnetic Angular Deviation Tester

 Plastic Pipe For Packaging, Automatic Glue Injecting, Magnetic Steel (semi) Automatic Assembly Offer Support 

Glue Subassembly

1. Suitable and fine glue could enhance fastness2. The magnetic steel is favorable in cleanliness and adhesion3. The effect would be better if the gluing process is automatic4. Offer technical support for customers’ automatic assembly